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Conference Speakers

Speakers at the District 50 Spring Conference.

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Friday Educational
Friday Evening Keynote 
Saturday Morning Keynote

Darren Tay, LLB, LLM, WCPS

 Jim Key, DTM, WCPS

Session:  Value Communicating Intensive with the World Champion
Keynote:  The journey of going from FREE to FEE
(a professional speaker series) 

Session:  Unjam the Dam:  Tools to Stimulate Your Speechwriting Creativity
Keynote:  Refusing Mediocrity: The Benefits of Being A Rebel


Leadership Speakers Communications Speakers Personal Development Speakers 
 Doug Weeks, DTM, DD   Jim Key, DTM, WCPS   Tracy Thomason, DTM, DD
The Greatness Within You 

Unjam the Dam:  Tools to Stimulate
Your Speechwriting Creativity 

Going Nearly Viral on Facebook 
Pamela McCown, DTM, PID   Joel Dawson, DTM  Terry Sullivan, MBA
Social Media Marketing Certified
STEPS and PATHS to DTM!  Confessions of a world champion  Master the Power of Social Selling with LinkedIn! 

David McCallister, DTM, ID   Karen Shelton, DTM Brent O'Bannon, DTM, PCC
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
 Creating Sustainable Members  Evaluation Techniques  Ignite Your Strengths for Your Best
Leadership Brand and Speaking Style