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Education Session and Open House Schedule

Education sessions and Advanced club open houses



Time Session Speaker
4:00 PM Education:  Planning for Personal Growth Tina Guillot, DTM
5:00 PM Education: The Toolbox for Building a Better Speaker  Dana LaMon
7:30 PM

Dinner Keynote:Toastmaster to Top Speaker

Delatorro McNeal II


8:30 AM Breakfast Keynote: E is for Excellence in Speaking and in Leading  Dana LaMon
2:30 PM Leadership on the Big Screen  Delatorro McNeal II
3:15 PM    
  Truman's True Leadership  Steve Hansen, DTM, Alan Balthrop, DTM
  Improve Your Communication Skills by Writing a Book!  Dawnie Dahir, DTM
4:00 PM The Present of Stage Presence  Nikki Nanos, DTM
  Leading Against the Odds  Taryn Colvin, DTM
  Surviving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World  Dave Hendrickson, DTM
4:45 PM Pathways Q&A  Cindy Vogel, DTM
  Gain and Retain: A Corporate Club Perspective  Christy Wilson, ACB, ALB
  Cookies are Great!  Clifford Colvin, DTM
6:30 PM Dinner Keynote: Heroic Leadership  Tina Guillot, DTM


9:00 AM-10:00 AM


The sessions you missed and want to see again!

For a full description of speaker topics and bios, see the Conference Speakers page.

Open Houses

Date  Time  Club  Notes
Friday, Nov. 17 10:30 PM Prostmasters "Have a beer and solve the world's problems." One philosophical speech topic, followed by rounds of Table Topics-style discussion on the subject.
  10:30 PM Leading Edge Focused on improving leadership skills. Membership is comprised of current and future district leaders and is open to all who wish to develop their leadership potential and improve District 50.
  10:30 PM Park Central An advanced club for leaders past, present, and future of Districts 50 and 25, with 6 speaking opportunities per meeting (2 speaker's choice, 1 educational, 1 humorous, 1 editorial, and 1 rebuttal speech). 
Saturday, Nov. 17 3:15 PM Let's Talk The club is overflowing with wisdom and experience. Includes 5 types of speeches (a featured guest speaker, educational speaker, humorous speaker, editorial speaker, and rebuttal speaker), and "As I See It," a unique opportunity to share your point of view on a given subject.
  10:30 PM Politically Incorrect  Politically Incorrect Toastmasters lives up to its name. No subject is off limits, and speeches often address controversial topics. Meetings include featured speakers and one impromptu topic rebuttal.
  10:30 PM    



**  Schedule Subject to Change