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Jim Key

Jim Key joined Lennox International Toastmasters in February 2000. He subsequently compiled an un-equaled record in the speech contest. He was the District 50 Humorous Speech Champion in 2000 before earning the right to compete in three consecutive World Championships of Public Speaking. There, he was the 1st Runner-Up in 2001 AND 2002, before capturing the title in 2003.

Jim's background includes information technology, sports, and music. He served 6 years on a youth development program's board of directors. Led by his efforts to implement cutting-edge technology, participation in the program more than quadrupled during Jim’s leadership tenure.

On a personal note, Jim is a devoted husband and father. He has three adult children, and is married to Angie Key, his favorite D50 Past District Governor. Jim consumes an insane amount of standup comedy, and...quite has affected him. He wonders how many people will actually read this part. Connect with him at or and let him know if you did J.

Saturday Education Session

Title:  Unjam the Dam:  Tools to Stimulate Your Speechwriting Creativity

Synopsis:  If you’ve ever needed to overcome writer’s block as you prepared for a speech, this session is for you!  Join Jim Key, the 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking as he shares practical techniques for stimulating your creativity, and finding and developing material that you can use to make your upcoming speeches more engaging, more entertaining, and more memorable.

Saturday Keynote

Title:  Refusing Mediocrity: The Benefits of Being A Rebel

Synopsis:  How would you react if you were told “Here is what you MUST do…”?  Sometimes we have a tendency to do the opposite of what we are told we must.  In many cases, it is beneficial to ignore that urge, and simply comply.  In others, however, ignoring them might just be the launching pad for your next great achievement.  Join Jim Key, the 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking, as examines how being stubborn…being a rebel…can work in your favor.


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