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Joel Dawson

Joel Dawson joined toastmasters in July of 2013. He attended every meeting, but never gave a speech. He was asked to compete in the table topic contest at the fall conference.  Feeling coerced in to competing he decided that toastmasters just wasn’t for him.  He decided that after the conference he was going to quit.  

At the conference, something magical happened.  Joel went back to his club with renewed vigor and decided that he wanted to become a professional speaker and that he did.  Joel achieved his DTM designation in 18 months but he didn’t stop there.  His ultimate goal was to be one of the best speakers in the world!  

This year Joel accomplished that by placing 2nd in the semifinals of the 2016 World Championship of Public speaking.  

Saturday Education Session

Title:  Confessions of a world champion

Synopsis:  Confessions of a world champion started out as a simple 7wk workshop on the secrets of competing by interviewing 7 world champions (Dana LaMon, Aaron Beverly, Mohammed Qatahni, Josephine Lee, Jim Key, Manoj Vansudevan, Lance Miller)  and others who participated in the finals at the International speech cometition.  

I got that and then some.  I had the opportunity to listen to their amazing stories about their journey. The highs that they experienced as well as the lows.  I will give you a look into their personal stories as well as the crown jewel needed to get to the finals, but most importantly what it takes to win!