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Karen Shelton

As a two-time Evaluation Contest champion on the District 50 stage, Karen Shelton has persistently practiced compassionately communicating both critiques and accolades to Speakers in a manner that is educational and inspiring to audience members as well as to Speakers.

Karen identifies personalized "golden nuggets" for each Speaker, since each exhibits their own unique set of presentation skills and areas for improvement, and she delivers her evaluations with calculated purpose, colorful vocabulary, infectious enthusiasm, and vibrant personality to yield the most benefit to Speaker growth in delivery and confidence.  She enjoys competing but thrives on helping others improve their own Evaluations through speech analysis and a well-planned delivery design.

Karen’s professional position as Raytheon Quality Engineer affords her daily opportunities to provide feed-back to the teams she supports while overcoming technical challenges to meet customer deliveries. She sincerely believes that Toastmasters Evaluations prepare her professionally and continue to enrich her interpersonal relationships with family and friends.

Saturday Education Session

Title:  Evaluation Techniques

Synopsis:  Karen shares Evaluation notes template options, tips for delivering improvement suggestions to Speakers, and a few clever tricks to enhance Evaluations in your home club and in competition settings.