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Tracy Thomason

Marketing online since 1996, Tracy Thomason has a passion for helping small businesses, entreprenuers, and non-profits find easy and cost effective ways to market themselves online.

As the 2015-2016 District 23 Director, he worked with a public relations team and rebuilt the district's marketing program which contributed to the district's success in achieving Distinguished status for the first time in several years. Tracy is now a candidate for Toastmasters International Director from Region 3.  

Saturday Education Session

Title:  Going Nearly Viral on Facebook

Synopsis:  We're all selling something - what are you trying to sell? Whether you want to market your Toastmasters club, your business, your book, or yourself, Facebook turns your family and friends into your personal marketing team. Using your connections and just a little planning, Tracy Thomason, DTM, will show you how "Going Nearly Viral on Facebook" is easier than you think.