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Judge Signup Page

District 50 wants you to be a judge at an area or division contest. If you are a trained judge, click the links below to sign up to judge a contest.

Area Contests, Week 1 - September 16

Area Contests, Week 2 - September 23

Area Contests, Week 3 - September 30

Area Contests, Week 4 - October 7

Area Contests, Week 5 - October 14

Southern Division Contest - Thursday, October 26

Plains Division Contest - Friday, October 27

Frontier Division Contest - Saturday, October 28

Vista Division Contest - Saturday, October 28

Town North Division Contest - Thursday, November 2

Metro Division Contest - Friday, November 3

Eastern Division Contest - Saturday, November 4

Without you as judges, we could not have contests. Thank you to all the judges in District 50 for the time, effort, and excellence you bring.