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All about Pathways

Resources for Pathways

Slides and handouts from training can be downloaded before attending. Bring the printouts with you to make notes.

Training sessions have slide-decks with 1 slide per page. Some sessions have a set of training presentations with 3 slides per page with a blank area to write notes.

Some of the training sessions have additional handouts, which are also available for download.

Resource Name Click on Download  Click on Download 
Base Camp Manager Duties Download  
Base Camp Manager Training Download 1 slide/page Download 3 slides/page 
Guide to Pathways Levels Download   
Navigator Download   
Pathways for Everyone Download 1 slide/page  Download 3 slides/page
Pathways Paths and Core Competencies Download   
Pathways Quick Start Guide Download  
Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog Download  
Prepare for Inbound Pathways Messages Download  

Updated July 12, 2018