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Education Promotions

Check this page for more promotions through out the year!

September Early Bird Promotion

All clubs that have renewed their club by September 15th will win an Early Bird Ribbon for their banner.  To be renewed, a club must have 8 members paid (3 of which must be continuing members from last term).  Renew by September 15th to receive the ribbon.  Ribbon will be handed out at the Fall Conference.

Winners may be viewed here.

September Retention Promotion

Any club that retains the following percentages will win Bookstore Bucks.  Each club and club member will be compared. We are looking for actual retention.  If a person is a member on September 30, they should be a member on October 1.  The following procedure will be used to measure true retention.

  1. Will pull a list on September 30. 
  2. Will pull another list on October 8 (when month is closed).
  3. Compare member number to member number for paid status.

Your club could win one of the following (in bookstore bucks)

Winners may be viewed here.

Distinguished by December

We want your club to be successful this year so we offer $25 in Bookstore Bucks to the District 50 bookstore to all clubs that qualify by being Distinguished by December.

To qualify for this incentive a club much complete the following between July 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

Winners may be viewed here.

Apex in April

If your club reached Distinguished by December, you could win the Apex in April award which is another $25 in Bookstore Bucks.  This is awarded on April 30th, 2017.

To qualify for Apex in April: