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Officers Trained

The club officer roles listed in the attachment have met the District's training requirement by attending 2 hours of District-sponsored officer training.

To receive Goal 9 of the DCP, a minimum of 4 officers must be trained at both Summer and Winter TLIs (every six-month term). Officers who are elected for a full-year term must still complete both training seasons.

Click here for officers trained list. (Training completed as of February 18, 2018. List updated February 20, 2018.)

If your role is not showing up as "trained," but you've attended a training event:

If you are not listed with the Toastmasters International club officer roster:

  • Please confirm that your club officer list is up-to-date, especially if you've recently changed or replaced an officer 
  • Any club officer can log in and update the official roster
  • Credit will be updated as we verify TI-listed club officers for the current term. 

If you are listed as a club officer with Toastmasters International:

  • Your name may not have been legible on the class sign-in sheets
  • You may have attended a non-credit elective
  • You may have only attended one hour of training
  • You may be an officer of multiple clubs, and a club may not have received credit for your other role

Please contact the Program Quality Director to report any errors no later than March 31.


"Officers Trained" roles listed in this report are subject to change:

  • Upon audit and/or submission of current/updated officer lists to Toastmasters International. 
  • As the training season progresses and new sign-in lists from events are processed

If you've attended training in another District:

  • Send the date and location of the training to the Program Quality Director
  • Updates will be made as soon as training confirmation can be provided by the other District