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These awards recognize leaders whose dedication, commitment, and team spirit significantly contributed towards achieving the district mission. Please congratulate the follow leaders who represent District 50’s best of the best.

  1. Bob Lanz Toastmaster of the Year 2013-14

    The Toastmaster of the Year award for District 50 is named in honor of Bob Lanz, Past District 25 Governor, known as “Mr. Toastmaster.” It is presented each year to recognize a member who has performed extended meritorious service to the District. For 2013-2014, the District recognized Ken Clayton our current Southern Division Governor as Toastmaster of the Year.

  2. Area Governor of the Year 2013-14

    For 2013-2014, we were blessed to have Area Governors who amazed us all with their dedication, their drive, and their servant leadership. These terrific Toastmasters visited and encouraged their clubs; put on their area contests; and attended the District Executive Council Meetings, allowing us to provide them with continuing support and training.

  3. Division Governor of the Year 2013-14

    For 2013-2014, you elected seven exceptional Toastmasters to serve as Division Governors. These individuals are the leaders who mentor and instruct the Area Governors, encouraging them to learn and grow as they serve their clubs. The best Division Governors create a team of leaders who work together to bring out the best in each other, and in their clubs. This year we had one Select Distinguished Division and two President’s Distinguished Divisions. And we had four other Division Governors who also made a difference in the successes of their clubs and their teams. But only one Division Governor can be District 50’s 2013- 2014 Division Governor of the Year

  4. Rookie of the Year 2013-14

    District 50 also recognizes Toastmasters who join the organization and jump in whole- heartedly, impressing all with their willingness to serve and courageous enthusiasm within their first 12 to 24 months as a Toastmaster. This individual is recognized as District 50’s Rookie of the Year. Paul Weathers served as Assistant Area 41 Governor, and, when the Area Governor stepped down, Paul stepped in to fill the rest of the term. He had already become familiar within the district by being cheerfully active at contests, TLIs, and District Council Meetings.

  5. Heart of District 50 Award 2013-14

    The “Heart of District 50 Award” is designed to recognize members with true servant’s hearts. They have the need to serve their fellow Toastmasters and District 50. They display with their actions “Confidence, Leadership, Service, and Excellence,” and they do this to help others achieve their goals, not to achieve recognition for themselves.