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District 50

Division Governor of the Year 2013-14

President’s Distinguished Frontier Division

For 2013-2014, you elected seven exceptional Toastmasters to serve as Division Governors. These individuals are the leaders who mentor and instruct the Area Governors, encouraging them to learn and grow as they serve their clubs. The best Division Governors create a team of leaders who work together to bring out the best in each other, and in their clubs. This year we had one Select Distinguished Division and two President’s Distinguished Divisions. And we had four other Division Governors who also made a difference in the successes of their clubs and their teams. But only one Division Governor can be District 50’s 2013- 2014 Division Governor of the Year. Ed Meissner led Frontier Division to success in 2013-2014. Some of the highlights for Frontier Division under Ed’s leadership include: 16 clubs with 4 or more officers trained at Summer TLIs, 11 clubs in the Winter; almost 100% Area Governor visits completed and filed; 15 Frontier clubs achieving distinguished – 11 of those President’s Distinguished. And Ed also excels in leadership growth. Two of this year’s Division Governors are mentored by Ed, and he continues to serve District 50 as our Lt. Governor Marketing.