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District 50

Heart of District 50 Award 2013-14

Fall Conference Committee Member
Spring Conference Chair
TLI Instructor

For the 2013-2014 year, there were many amazing Toastmasters who made a difference by believing in others as well as in themselves. One Toastmaster in particular exemplified confidence, leadership, service and excellence, with a caring heart and a willing smile. This Toastmaster is a member of multiple clubs, and is always friendly and encouraging with guests, and eager to turn them into members. This Toastmaster is an eager and willing instructor, always ready to teach at TLIs as needed. This Toastmaster is a regular contestant, always striving to share an important message with every speech and every evaluation, and always improving. This Toastmaster is active at many contests in other roles, too, as a helper, judge, and contest master. 33 This Toastmaster took on a larger role for the District, as well. Serving as a Conference Chair is a time-consuming and complicated endeavor. There are many moving parts, and a large committee of individuals to be guided and inspired to create a spectacular event – one that is educational, well- organized, and enjoyable. This Toastmaster is one of the few in recent years who committed to serving as Conference Chair almost two years before the actual Conference. That meant serving on every Conference Committee from that point on, to get the most experience possible. That meant actively recruiting for committee members, and having those members lined up as much as a year before the event. That meant contacting and visiting hotels to find possible locations, again, well in advance of the event. And that meant sticking with it, keeping the committee members active, involved, and excited to be a part of it. And I’d say that our Spring 2014 Conference was quite a blast as a result, don’t you agree?

The “Heart of District 50 Award” is designed to recognize members with true servant’s hearts. They have the need to serve their fellow Toastmasters and District 50. They display with their actions “Confidence, Leadership, Service, and Excellence,” and they do this to help others achieve their goals, not to achieve recognition for themselves.