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Outstanding Club Officers

  1. Club President

    Our club is one of the oldest in District 50, and only once, in1986, has our club reached President's Distinguished status. In fact, the last time our club was even Distinguished was 2004. When our new club president took the reins in 2013, he presented our club executive committee with written goals, and a plan to get us to President's Distinguished

  2. Club Vice President Education

    Ginny Hale, DTM is a consummate Toastmasters member and the foundation of our club. She served as VP Education from July 2013-June 2014. As with everything she has done for Toastmasters and Texas Talkers, Ginny was passionate in her role as VP Education. She created innovative and creative meeting themes for the year and provided inspiration to members and guests.

  3. Club Treasurer

    Simon Cornelius was duly elected, attended club officer training and more than fulfilled his role. Simon delivered on all parts of the DCP for the treasurer: new members processed promptly, dues renewals handled promptly and smoothly, attending club officer training and participating in club officer meetings. His work as Treasurer supported the work of all officers and helped us finish the year with all 10 DCP points completed!

  4. Vice President Membership

    Becky Casey, TM, was the perfect person for the VP Membership role last term. Through her leadership, we were able to settle into a new corporate home, gain traction with the employee base, increase our membership dramatically and have a lot of fun. Once elected in November, Becky worked closely with the outgoing VP Membership for knowledge transfer and, through this process, was able to engage more on-campus employees as members and even connect with the Toastmasters club at their California site. Our club serves both the corporate employees and a variety of members from the community.

  5. Vice President Public Relations

    Susan Stein did a fantastic job ad VP of PR for Verbal Expressions. She collaborated with the board members on articles for the new e-newsletter, created the format and delivered 6 monthly issues to the club. The information included in this newsletter recognized award winners, achievements and provided the club with information on upcoming events.

  6. Sergeant at Arms

    Ken Bloxom is the epitome of an outstanding Sergeant at Arms. He met the standards outside of the club meeting in the following ways: On the evening of our meeting, he posted three Toastmasters flyers in various locations in the building where we meet with directions to our meeting room. He maintained our club equipment in working order; ensured that adequate supplies were available; attended club executive committee meetings, when scheduled; attended district-sponsored club officer training, when scheduled; and arranged for a replacement when he was unable to be at the meeting, which was rarely.

  7. Immediate Past President

    Richard Fant was an excellent President. He was very organized, had a vision for our club to be the best it could be and our membership was at an all time high with 27 members. Richard brought a breath of fresh air to our club after taking about a 15 year break from Toastmasters. He was full of ideas about how to improve everyone's speaking ability, he was very supportive to every member, stayed in contact with them and provided support even outside our immediate club meetings.