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Outstanding President
Robert Mayes, ACS, CL
Trinity Toastmasters

Our club is one of the oldest in District 50, and only once, in1986, has our club reached President's Distinguished status. In fact, the last time our club was even Distinguished was 2004. When our new club president took the reins in 2013, he presented our club executive committee with written goals, and a plan to get us to President's Distinguished.

We scoffed, said that would never happen. Then he set out to prove us wrong. He invited friends, relatives, spoke at the men's group at his church, urging all of them to attend and join. He printed flyers and took them to the businesses near our meeting place to advertise our club. He called past members and urged them to return to our club.

He didn't stop with new members. He earned his CL and ACS awards within a month of each other, setting an example for others. One member, who had put off finishing his ACS for at least 10 years, did so due to our president's leadership. His efforts brought us 5 new members and a new banner from the district. As an encouragement to the new members giving ice breakers, he hired a photographer, to tape their first speech who will return for their 10th.

As the end of the year approached, two more members earned CC's. Even then, he continued urging us to bring more members. By then we were all caught up in the excitement of actually achieving the PDC award. When we did, we all knew it was because of the leadership of our president, who worked hard and believed. I believe Robert Mayes deserves to be honored as the Outstanding Club President for 2013-2014.

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