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Club Treasurer

Outstanding Treasurer
Simon Cornelius, CC, CL
Verbal Expressions

Simon Cornelius was duly elected, attended club officer training and more than fulfilled his role.  Simon delivered on all parts of the DCP for the treasurer:   new members processed promptly, dues renewals handled promptly and smoothly, attending club officer training and participating in club officer meetings.  His work as Treasurer supported the work of all officers and helped us finish the year with all 10 DCP points completed!  


  1. Simon was superb at the TIMELY PROCESSING of NEW MEMBERSHIPS.  During this term he processed all other memberships promptly
  2. Our semi-annual dues renewal process was elegantly announced, expertly collected and ready for payment on March 1, earning the EARLY BIRD AWARD.
  3. An important part of the Treasurer’s role is to BALANCE the ACCOUNTS and REPORT TO THE BOARD.  Simon kept tabs on our bank account, and built a smart spreadsheet that keeps of current and historical data and provided reports for various categories or by specific dates.  It makes board reporting super easy, and allows each officer to look up expenses related to their role.  This tool has helped the club better understand the total budget picture and adjust club dues occasionally.


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