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Club Vice President Education

Outstanding VP Education
Ginny Hale, DTM
Bank of America Texas Talkers

Ginny Hale, DTM is a consummate Toastmasters member and the foundation of our club. She served as VP Education from July 2013-June 2014. As with everything she has done for Toastmasters and Texas Talkers, Ginny was passionate in her role as VP Education. She created innovative and creative meeting themes for the year and provided inspiration to members and guests.

Some of her more noteworthy themes for the year were: "Dog Days of Summer", "Pathfinders", “Just for Today”, “Renewed Commitments...One thing I learned is...” Her Creativity and innovation have proven successful in enticing guests to come hear speeches as well as get members not to miss meetings. It has become an effective membership tool and it builds expectations. Ginny has also been the forced behind consistently gathering meeting comments from members/guests and providing meeting highlights reports. These are efficient in recognizing the benefit of taking time for Toastmasters during our lunch hour.

A final example of her exemplary work is the motivational/inspirational lessons she provides at our meetings. These can take many forms but are usually concise nuggets of inspiration that she delivers with a story or anecdote. These are delivered towards the end of the meeting to conclude on a positive note.

Overall, Ginny has been an exceptional VP Education and an exceptional leader. She has served in all capacities for our club, but she takes special interest and passion in education others. She is the fabric of our club, and we can all say that we've gotten the most out of our TM experience as a result of her contributions.

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