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Outstanding Immediate Past President
Richard Fant, TM
Twin Cities Toastmasters

Richard Fant was an excellent President.  He was very organized, had a vision for our club to be the best it could be and our membership was at an all time high with 27 members.

Richard brought a breath of fresh air to our club after taking about a 15 year break from Toastmasters.  He was full of ideas about how to improve everyone's speaking ability, he was very supportive to every member, stayed in contact with them and provided support even outside our immediate club meetings.

Richard was going thru a difficult time while being President.  His mother was gravely ill and ultimately passed away during his term.  Even though his personal life was in an uproar and he had a lot on him mind, he never allowed his personal problems to interfere with his duties of President. 

He was asked to take the Presidency for a second term, however, he chose to allow another candidate to take over so he could concentrate on settling his mother's affairs.

Richard was a warm, caring, funny and committed President for Twin Cities Toastmasters.