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Sergeant at Arms


Outstanding Sergeant at Arms
Kenneth Bloxom, CC 
Tyler Evening Toastmasters

Ken Bloxom is the epitome of an outstanding Sergeant at Arms. He met the standards outside of the club meeting in the following ways:

On the evening of our meeting, he posted three Toastmasters flyers in various locations in the building where we meet with directions to our meeting room. He maintained our club equipment in working order; ensured that adequate supplies were available; attended club executive committee meetings, when scheduled; attended district-sponsored club officer training, when scheduled; and arranged for a replacement when he was unable to be at the meeting, which was rarely.

 He also met the standards at a club meeting in the following ways:

He set up the room well in advance of the start of the meeting. He made certain the lectern was in place; the United States flag, club banner, and educational materials were displayed; evaluation ballots were distributed; duty holder identification cards and activity sheets were provided for the meeting's duty holders; visitor cards and ribbons were provided at the front table nearest the door; and award ribbons were provided for the Vote Counter to hand out toward the end of the meeting. At the end of the meeting he retrieved the flyers and returned everything to where it belonged.

Ken did all this willingly and with good humor.

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