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Becky Casey, TM
Verbal Expressions

 Becky Casey, TM, was the perfect person for the VP Membership role last term.  Through her leadership, we were able to settle into a new corporate home, gain traction with the employee base, increase our membership dramatically and have a lot of fun.  Once elected in November, Becky worked closely with the outgoing VP Membership for knowledge transfer and, through this process, was able to engage more on-campus employees as members and even connect with the Toastmasters club at their California site. Our club serves both the corporate employees and a variety of members from the community.

ELECTED, TRAINED, and SERVED THE FULL TERM.  Becky attended the District 50 club officer training for VP Membership and took the learnings to heart.  It was wonderful to watch her as she routinely welcomed each guest, gathered information for follow-up, and helped them get settled next to an experienced member. She provided guest folders and provided me, as President, their names so I could introduce and acknowledge them at the end. Because of Becky's affirmative welcoming and inclusiveness, in addition to the 12 employees she recruited in December, she converted 5 more guests into members during the term.  We finished the DCP year as PRESIDENTS DISTINGUISHED and 33 members!

DELIVERS ON ALL GOALS.  Through her dedicated effort and, coordination with the rest of the board, she more than delivered on the 2 membership points in the DCP and our club achieved all 10 DCP points by April!  (She even had some guests in the queue for becoming new members in July which set her successor up for early success.)  She also cracked the code for access to some corporate support for the on-campus employees which helped with recruitment.

Becky Casey is District 50’s MOST OUTSTANDING VP of MEMBERSHIP.  As a new Toastmaster, she became involved in club leadership, was present at every board meeting, quickly engaged, helped others when needed, collaborated fully and pro-actively encouraged on-campus members to join her on the board this term and trained her replacement. Because of her leadership as VP Membership, Verbal Expressions enjoys around 30 thoroughly engaged members! 

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