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Vice President Public Relations


Outstanding VP Public Relations
Susan Stein, CC, CL
Verbal Expressions

Susan Stein did a fantastic job ad VP of PR for Verbal Expressions.  She collaborated with the board members on articles for the new e-newsletter, created the format and delivered 6 monthly issues to the club.   The information included in this newsletter recognized award winners, achievements and provided the club with information on upcoming events. 

Susan coordinated New Member Orientation day, with 5 short topics followed by Q&A.  In addition, she presided over the 29th anniversary event as Toastmaster.  This event was a huge success for club as we had area representatives, guest, current and new members in attendance.    In addition, she mentored two new members, attended board meetings and assisted with transition and training of her replacement on the newly elected board.   She is a great example of an Outstanding VP of PR.

Susan welcomed me as new member and very helpful when we were planning club events.  She shares her ideas and offers feedback.

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