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District 50

Rookie of the Year 2013-14

Area 41 Governor

District 50 also recognizes Toastmasters who join the organization and jump in whole- heartedly, impressing all with their willingness to serve and courageous enthusiasm within their first 12 to 24 months as a Toastmaster. This individual is recognized as District 50’s Rookie of the Year. Paul Weathers served as Assistant Area 41 Governor, and, when the Area Governor stepped down, Paul stepped in to fill the rest of the term. He had already become familiar within the district by being cheerfully active at contests, TLIs, and District Council Meetings. Paul is always willing, always smiling, and always giving his best. As Area 41 Governor, his dedication and optimism made an impact within and beyond his area. This year he continues to display his readiness to serve, as the current Area 44 Governor.