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  1. District 50 Promotions

    Current District 50 Club Growth Promotions:

    March MeetUp Madness - March 1-31 Member Booster Blowout - April 1-May 30 Booster Promo - Through June 30 Leaps and Bounds - Through June 30

  2. Membership and Retention Ideas

    Membership and retention ideas gathered from LinkedIn, Facebook posts, other District's websites, and officer candidate information. It has been sorted into different groups.

  3. 2016 Toastmasters Challenge

    Are you up for a challenge? Tamala Takahashi District 52 IPDG challenged her members to the 2016 Toastmasters Challenge. I am challenging the members of District 50 to the 2016 Toastmasters Challenge !!! How many of you will accept the challenge??

  4. What Does Your Webpage Say About Your Club?

    Now that your club has a webpage to mark your online presence, have you given some thought to what your webpage says about your club? Does your webpage capture the weekly energetic meeting, express the creative Table TopicsTM, and showcase your amazing club members? Your club webpage opens your club to prospective members who are looking for a club to visit. As you setup and manage your club webpage, think of what brought you to Toastmasters and your expectations in evaluating an online business webpage.

  5. Attract New Members to Your Club!

    To gain new members, people must be able to find your club. Here are a few ways to attract new members. Once you get them into your club meetings, getting them to join should be a snap!