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Attract New Members to Your Club!

What does your web presence say about your club? 

Have you checked your club profile on the website?  If you have not checked lately, go to the Toastmasters website, select “Find” and type in your club number under “Club Number Search.” 

Do the results correctly show your meeting day, time and location?  Is there a contact number or email so potential members can reach out to someone at your club with questions?  Is your club website shown?  How about a map to assist in finding your meeting location?  If you answered no to any of these questions, have a club officer log into “Club Central”, select your club, and “Update My Club Meeting Information.”

The Toastmasters International website is a great way to be seen by potential members but it isn’t the only web presence that counts.  Does your club have a website?  Does it accurately reflect your meeting information?  Just like the website, you should have day, time, location including city & state on your website.  You also want to have a way for potential members to contact someone to ask questions.  Many don’t realize they can visit anytime and want to know that 1) the club will be meeting on the day they are interested in visiting, 2) the location has not changed and 3) that it is ok to visit. 

Does your club have a Facebook group?  Is anyone posting to the group?  Remember, anything that your members comment on or like will be seen by their friends.  Have your members post photos from club meetings and contests, information to share with other members, and don’t forget to post important dates and brag about awards received.

You can explore other social media options such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or creating a blog.  If you do sign up for any of these options remember, they won’t do your club any good unless you use them.

An additional note about your club website:  If you are using FreeToastHost version 1, go to to learn about version 2.0.

If you have any questions or want additional information please contact out Club Growth Director at or visit