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The Membership Drive that ALWAYS Works


  1. Choose a Theme
  2. Choose Team Captains
  3. Do a Drawing from the club roster for team members (Coin Flip To Start)
  4. Create Graphic Posters for Each Team
  5. Outline Point System (See Below)
  6. Choose a payoff (Pie in Team Captains Face, Trophy, $$ towards TI Store, Free Served Desert)
  7. Team Captains call their team members EVERY week (Monday morning works well)
  8. Brief reminder to bring a friend (if they have one)
  9. Do Not Sell them on Toastmasters, Sell them on the meeting, Free meal, Etc.
  10. NO arm twisting, just a reminder
  11. Meet/Greet guests, introduce around, walk through agenda, provide newsletter and TI magazine
  12. Outline benefits the Patty Finley way (the finer points of leadership the Toastmasters way)
  13. Give membership application, explain and help them fill it out
  14. Ask them to join by asking, Would you like to order your manual today or next week? Don't give them the opportunity to say "no". Offer to give them their CC manual today. You will need some CC manuals and CL Manuals on hand.
  15. Sign them Up

 Points System

By John Fooks, DTM, PDG