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Attract Members - Can Be Used By All Clubs

These ideas for attracting new members for your club can be used by all clubs.

Ask a member from another club (look for one who you believe is especially motivational in their speaking ability) to do an education module at one of your club meetings. Create a guest list to invite prospective members who can benefit from the topic. Choose from the Successful Club or Successful Speaker series. (Note: the evaluation and listening modules work particularly well
Create a holiday invitation (St. Pat's, Halloween, Thanksgiving, spring, etc.) and ask each member to hand out invitations to friends and co-workers. Plan your agenda around a holiday theme.
Plan a special showcase meeting. Invite members from around the district to present a special program. Invite guests and be ready to sign them up on the spot.
 Conduct a Speechcraft. If you do not have enough members to successfully launch the program, call on members from other clubs to help out. Warning: don't expect someone else to do all the work, though. Charge a fee for the Speechcraft that will cover the new member fee and the first six months of dues. At the end of the Speechcraft, offer a "free" membership to all successful participants.
Appreciation night: Honor a community member at a special meeting. Ask the guest to say a few words promoting Toastmasters. Be sure to have lots of guests to help express your appreciation.
Design a club brochure and distribute it to prospective members
Contact your city's various cultural centers. They may be interested in starting a Speechcraft for their members or perhaps a club. (NOTE: Many of these individuals will have English as a second language. It may be helpful to work with someone who is associated with the specific cultural community.)
Invite a prospective member to attend a conference with you
Invite your family and friends to attend a speech contest
Offer to pick up a guest so you know that they will make the meeting.
Have club business cards made with your meeting date, location, time, and a contact number. Pass them out  everywhere
Make a list of all the people you know who would benefit from Toastmasters. Invite one person from the list to each meeting. Ask them to join.
Put a Toastmaster bumper sticker on your car
Wear your Toastmaster pin on a regular basis, not just at Toastmaster meetings.
When someone compliments you on a presentation or a speech, be sure to mention that you developed your skills in Toastmasters. Ask if they would be interested in doing the same
If you belong to other organizations that schedule speakers, try to include a fellow Toastmaster on the program.
How many clubs do you belong to? If the answer is one, consider joining another club (at work or home) or maybe an advanced club
Celebrate your charter date annually. If you are not at charter strength, make plans to increase your membership so you will be on your charter date.
Be nice to your guests. Sometimes we focus too much on getting someone to sign an application, and forget basic courtesy.
Have a recognition meeting to acknowledge all members who have sponsored a new member.
Have an induction ceremony for new members. It makes them feel important and a part of the organization. It's almost impressive for other guest in attendance.
Take a look in the mirror. Do you smile enough. Guests want to see a smiling face welcoming them to a meeting.
Tell your friends how much fun you have belonging to Toastmasters.
Ask a district officer to come to a membership building meeting and give an inspirational address
Have a secret pal program within your club. Outside of the meeting times, the secret pal will send encouraging notes, ideas, evaluations, etc. to the person who is their secret pal. Reveal after six months. Keeps people coming to meetings as they try to figure out who is their secret pal.
Make a list of the best things about your club. You now have a list of selling points to use when recruiting new members
Mail dues reminders to unpaid members. If they are temporarily unable to make a meeting, at least let them know they can keep their dues current.
If you have children over 18, remember that they can join Toastmasters. While you may not want them in your own club, encourage them to find a club that will work for them. And don't forget their friends!
Buy a Toastmaster T-shirt from the catalogue. Wear it when you work out, exercise, to the grocery store. Be prepared to answer questions.
Personally donate a conference registration for your district's conference. Arrange to meet with the successful bidder at the conference, and convince them to visit a club
Award pins for recruiting a particular number of members
Do an in-club Speechcraft and/or Success/Communication or Success/Leadership module. Send out press releases about these exciting educational opportunities.
Do press releases to local media on all special events and on member's accomplishments. Include photos whenever possible
Consider scheduling a social event that can showcase what Toastmasters can offer. Make sure you follow up on all new member leads
Have a monthly drawing for a Toastmaster prize. Every time a member brings a guest to a meeting, their name is put into a basket for a drawing. At the last meeting of the month a name is drawn out and a prize is awarded. Have a duplicate prize to give the guest if they became a member.
Have membership forms filled out with standard club information. Then all you have to do is add in information specific to the new member. This may help cut down on the time and confusion of the forms.
Develop club talking points that can be used when talking to prospective members
Prepare a two-sided flyer. One side tells all about Toastmasters, the other side gives testimonials about the organization, along with the individual’s profession. Distribute to local businesses
Places to put flyers - Bulletin boards, Library, Coffee shops, College, Churches, Retirement Center, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Recreational center, Doctor's office, Dentist's office, Movie Theater, Grocery Stores, Company internal websites, Airport, City Hall, Police Station, Banks, Post Office, Bookstores, Chamber of Commerce, Beauty Saloon, Hair Stylists
Do you live in a non-English speaking community? Ask someone to write out a poster in that language. Parents will read it and encourage their children to join so that someone in their family can communicate fluently and effectively, and so that their children can “get ahead”.
Have your club organize or judge speech contests or debates for High School students
Give seminars to High School students regarding career planning and the importance of communication
Offer a symposium or class on a topic that one of your club members is an expert on
Offer classes or lectures on leadership and/or communication
Provide leadership seminars for the unemployed
Invite the media to your club. Make sure to give them a reason for coming such as putting on a debate, doing famous speeches, induction of new club officers, or speech contest
Do a member survey to find why people joined your club… then focus on those benefits in your PR and in your meetings
Social media has been our most effective membership building tool. Keep it active with lots of pictures.
Make sure that every speech given at your club is a manual speech. As members see growth in others, it will encourage them to stick with it. And guests will want to join, so they can start achieving this success as well.

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