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Attract Members - Convert Guests To Members

Below are some ideas which can be used to convert your guests into members of your club. 

Get your stories. Have your own personal favorite success story for nervous and fearful guests. Have your personal success story for confident guests. Share the stories at a success story meeting
Have a procedure to follow up on new member leads
Keep business to a minimum at meetings when you have guests. Guests don't care about the business any way.  If you don't have business to conduct, skip the business meeting all together
If a guest visits your club, but the meeting time or location doesn't work out for them, make sure you refer them to another club. Contact a district officer if you need help in doing this
Be nice to your guests. Sometimes we focus too much on getting someone to sign an application, and forget basic courtesy.
If you are experiencing membership problems, make sure you don't discuss them when you have a guest visiting.  No one wants to join a club that has problems.
Treat all guests warmly and make sure they are introduced to club officers and members
Have a guest book, and ask guests to sign. Make sure you get their name, address, phone, email, for follow up. Then be sure to follow up!
Make sure that all members wear their name tags, and have them available for guests as well. Don't make people guess at remembering names.
Be sure to use your guests name when talking with them
Encourage guests to participate, if they are interested
Ask for guest comments at the end of the meeting. This may give you a specific hook to use in asking the member to join. Or, it may give you information that indicates that you need to change your ways to make your club attractive to prospective members
Form a Guest Committee. Ensure that every guest receives a follow up call and/or note. Be sure to invite the guest to come to another meeting
Invite every guest to join. Many people are waiting to be asked
Know how to fill out the membership form. Make sure all club members know how to do it. Maybe this could be used as an educational moment in the club. Have membership forms filled out with standard club information.  Then all you have to do is add in information specific to the new member. This may help cut down on the time and confusion of the forms
Challenge the greeter to find the best person to buddy a guest up with. Someone like them! It means the greeter has to ask a few questions for a start about the guest to make the best decision
Listen to your guest talk about their interests and reasons for visiting your club. Then match them up with a club member who has similar interests. Ask them to join. Make sure you have lots of membership applications readily available at every meeting

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