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Attract Members - Ideas For Corporate Clubs

These ideas can be used to attract members to a corporate club.

Invite your boss to a club meeting
Use a Toastmaster coffee mug at work
Promote Toastmasters at Career Fairs and Employment Fairs. Have a plan to follow up with interested individuals and groups
Does the company where you work have a Toastmaster club? If not, start one. Contact a district officer for assistance.
Have a time during the meeting when members can announce promotions or special assignment that they attribute to their Toastmaster membership.
Research the possibility of running an ad (even better if you can get an interview or article) in Company newsletters of businesses in your area.
Provide inserts to be used in payroll envelopes
Take all Toastmasters ribbons, awards, and trophies that you win and display them at work
Do a communication or leadership class at work
Get a Toastmasters mouse pad for work
Employee orientation. Give orientation staff packets about Toastmasters to give to new employees and stories about successes to share with them.
Ask the boss for a testimonial on the importance of good communication. (He/she can hardly refuse!)

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