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Attract Members - Retain Members

These ideas can be used to retain your existing club members.

Don't lose members after they complete their CC. Make sure all members are aware of the outstanding advanced manuals available. Explain and talk about the advanced manuals early on, and create an expectation of continued membership
Stay on task. Keep focused on the important success factors within the club. People join Toastmasters as an educational organization. Don't lose them because you lose sight of your goals.
Make sure that all members wear their name tags, and have them available for guests as well. Don't make people guess at remembering names. Be sure to use your guests name when talking with them.
Send out dues statements to encourage members to pay their dues early. You have to pay your dues to be a member
Develop a mentor program. This will help encourage new members to keep involved with the program, and will help long term members renew their enthusiasm
Have an occasional social meeting to recognize the family and co-workers of your club members. Remember it is the support of these people who help enable the club member's participation. It's nice to include them once in a while. (NOTE: This is often done successfully around a holiday or other special event.)
Have a recognition meeting to acknowledge all members who have sponsored a new member. Have an induction ceremony for new members. It makes them feel important and a part of the organization. It's almost impressive for other guest in attendance
Have a time during the meeting when members can announce promotions or special assignment that they attribute to their Toastmaster membership.
Don't let internal strife destroy your club. Address your problem, resolve it, and move on
If a member has missed a couple of meeting, have someone drop them a note (or email). Even if you know why the members is gone (out of town, vacation, work commitment, etc.), the note may serve as a reminder that they are missed at the club and that the club is anxious for them to return.
Don't let a new member drop out after their icebreaker speech. Make sure they are put on the schedule again as soon as possible
Enhance membership retention by ensuring that every member is a stakeholder in the success of the club. Put every member on a committee, and make sure that they have a specific job to do. There are many benefits to this besides membership retention, including an opportunity for leadership experience
Build morale internally within your club. Thank and praise your members for a job well done or an outstanding performance. A few kind words can keep members coming back for more
Share pride in the accomplishments of your members. Celebrate the success of reaching a goal. Make the club a place that members want to come to share the successes outside of Toastmasters as well
Get members with their CC award underway on Advanced Communicator awards by making their CC award a receive an award project (in the Special Occasions Manual), given by the previous CC award getter as a Present an Award project. They are now 2/5 of the way to their first Advanced Communication manual!
Build morale internally within your club. Thank and praise your members for a job well done or an outstanding performance. A few kind words can keep members coming back for more.
Even if there is a low attendance at a meeting, still have the meeting. Continuity matters. Don't give up hope. There are lots of success stories about 3-4 people showing up for meeting after meeting. Keep doing that, and you can turn things around.
If your meeting attendance is dropping, take a look at your meeting location or time. It may be time to move.

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