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What Does Your Webpage Say About Your Club?

Now that your club has a webpage to mark your online presence, have you given some thought to what your webpage says about your club? Does your webpage capture the weekly energetic meeting, express the creative Table TopicsTM, and showcase your amazing club members? Your club webpage opens your club to prospective members who are looking for a club to visit. As you setup and manage your club webpage, think of what brought you to Toastmasters and your expectations in evaluating an online business webpage.

What Brought You to Toastmasters?

What Is Your Expectations of an Online Site?

With the coming new year, prospective members will take to the Internet to search for ways to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. Will your webpage encourage them to come to your club for a visit? If you need help and support for your club website, reach out to your Area Director, Division Director, and District Staff for support.