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Spring Conference 2014 Photos Now Available!

June 01, 2014

Conference Photographer and Past District 50 Governor Ben Stephenson, DTM, has posted nearly 1,000 photos that he took during the Spring Conference, May 9-10, 2014!

Here are directions on downloading and use from Ben. 



Good News!  I have posted nearly 1000 photos from the District 50 Conference on the internet.

The only way to get to the photos is to go to the above link EXACTLY – It might be best to just click on the above link rather than try to type it in – if something is missed typed, you will not be able to get there. (Incidentally, the website location will, eventually, become a blog, but right now, it is a non-functioning shell. One of these days…)

When you go to the above link, for security, you will be asked for a password. The Password is: D50TM. Be careful, the password is case sensitive – the password is ALL CAPS.

Once you enter the website, you will see a very simple interface that will  allow you to download photos from the District 50 2014 Spring Conference. Each segment of the Conference has been broken into a small "ZIP" file. Each ZIP file contains two sections: one is "Computer Screen", where the files it contains have been reduced in quality and size so that the photos may be shown on a Computer Screen, the web, or projector. The second section, "Finished Prints", contains files that are ready for printing. The print files should be able to make a high quality Prints up to about 11" x 17" – maybe larger.

I have copyrighted each of the photos; however, I did not watermark them. You are allowed to use the photos for any non-commercial purpose you wish – including self-promotion; however, if you wish to use any of the photos for any commercial purposes, please contact me for prices.

As always, if something is not working correctly, let me know via email or telephone.


Ben A. Stephenson, DTM
District Governor, District 50
Distinguished District, 2002-03