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Pay Members' Dues for a Year, Earn Video Gear!

September 08, 2014

Pay Your Members' Dues for a Year and Earn Video Gear!

We want to encourage you to pay your membership dues for the full Toastmasters' year, so we'll reward you for your effort. All clubs that submit annual membership dues of $72 for 20 members or more before October 1,2014 will  receive a camcorder with a retail value of $70. Toastmasters International only accepts 6 months worth of dues online each dues payment period.  The payment for the second six months must be submitted using the paper membership form.  Have members complete a member application, add a credit or debit card number with the payment for the six month period from May through September and fax it to Toastmasters International attention Member Services Dues Renewals at 949-858-1207.

Cameras will be available for distribution at the District Conference in Shreveport, LA.. 

Sample camera only