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District 50 Toastmasters recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award

November 12, 2014
District 50 Toastmasters recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award

On September 20th, at the annual meeting of the Texas Conservation Alliance (TCA) District 50 Toastmasters Nancy Bateman, DTM, and her husband, David Gray, CTM, CL, were recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

For the over 20 years, they have served this non-profit in various leadership and public facing capacities using their Toastmasters developed skills.  Both have given presentations to civic, community, service organizations and spoken at city council meetings an EPA hearings.

Most recently, Nancy worked with the Eastfield College Student Science Club and faculty for 4 months guiding them as they designed, scheduled and delivered a 20 minute presentation on water conservation to elementary and junior high students all over Dallas.  This pilot project launched a state-wide education initiative on water conservation and water recycling. 

The Texas Conservation Alliance is the collaboration of 50 regional sporting, wildlife and wilderness organizations and is the Texas affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.