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Chief Judge Resources

Resources for Chief Judges can be downloaded individually from each link or as a full kit from the button below:

  1. 1170 Judges Certificate Eligibility Code Ethics
  2. 1175 Speech Contest Time Record Sheet
  3. 1176 Counters Tally Sheet
  4. Judges Guides and Ballots - Table Topics
  5. Judges Guides and Ballots - International
  6. Tiebreaking Ballots - TableTopics
  7. Tiebreaking Ballots - International
  8. 1182 Notification of Contest Winner
  9. Speech Contest Rulebook 2017-2018
  10. Speech Contest Rulebook Changes 2017-2018
  11. Announcement of Winners
  12. Chief Judge Briefing Checklist
  13. Chief Judge Timeline
  14. Judge Emergency Plan
  15. Timer Cheat Sheet (optional) *NEW*

Click here to download the files in a ZIP format.