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Contest Chair Resources

Please download the Contest Chair Resources (individually or as a kit from the button below):

  1. Everything about running a contest
  2. Contest Checklist, Short Checklist, Simple Checklist (Review each and keep the best one for you.)
  3. Budget Worksheet
  4. Sample Donation Letter
  5. Flyer Instructions
  6. Flyer samples: 1, 2, 3, and 4
  7. Program for your contest - Club
  8. Program for your contest - Area
  9. Contest Chair Briefing
  10. Contestant Profile
  11. Evaluation Contestant Notes Page
  12. Certification of Eligibility
  13. Audio/Video Release Form
  14. Contestant Drawing Form
  15. Contest Sign-in Sheet
  16. Participant Certificates
  17. Contest Certificates (First, Second, Third)

Use the Word templates above to easily create your Contest Program. Update everything that's in RED, and then change all type to black and print out the two pages. Copy them front-to-back and fold for the perfect 4-page program!

Be sure to also print out the current Dignitary List (available soon).
A list of companies that donate to Non-Profits is located here.

The full contest chair kit can be downloaded here.