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Contest Chair Resources

Please download the Contest Chair Resources (individually or as a kit from the button below):

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Running a Contest
  2. Contest Checklist
  3. Budget Worksheet
  4. Sample Donation Letter
  5. Flyer Instructions
  6. Flyer samples: 1, 2, 3, and 4
  7. Program for your contest - Club
  8. Program for your contest - Area
  9. Contest Chair Briefing
  10. Contestant Profile
  11. Evaluation Contestant Notes Page (Evaluation contests only)
  12. Certification of Eligibility
  13. Audio/Video Release Form
  14. Contestant Drawing Form
  15. Contest Sign-in Sheet
  16. Participant Certificates
  17. Contest Certificates (First, Second, Third)*

Use the Word templates above (#7 and #8) to easily create your Contest Program. Update everything that's in RED, and then change all type to black and print out the two pages. Copy them front-to-back and fold for the perfect 4-page program!

Be sure to also print out the current Dignitary List.
A list of companies that donate to Non-Profits is located here.

The full contest chair kit can be downloaded here. (*Certificates are not included in kit due to file size.)